Privacy Policy

     TechsTrick places a high value to its readers and their personal privacy. We always care your information that you provide to us. Our goal is to fulfill your expectation by keeping your information protected and giving the best service manipulating them. As TechsTrick may update any service, its privacy policy may also be changed at that time, without publishing any notice. So our recommendation to you to pay attention to our Privacy Policy statements. Before moving further, be aware about that TechsTrick doesn’t store or collect your personal information that you provide and we do not have any authority to modify your information.

Personal information that you provide:
     Your personal information that you are sharing with us: Email address, social media nickname and user id (Facebook, Twitter or Google plus IDs) and other IDs that you provide while posting a comment.
TechsTrick may use your internet browser’s cookies, though you can prevent this access by disabling cookie settings.

How you provide your personal information:
     Using any of these five ways you are providing us your personal information.
  • When you subscribe to our RSS feed for Email updates.
  • Being our fan on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • When you post a Comment on an article or post.
  • Filling up the contact form to contact us.
  • To generate the stats reports, TechsTrick also collects the name of your browser, OS and the country where you live in.
How your personal information is used:
     Our services that use your contact information:
  • The TechsTrick RSS feed is burned with Feedburner. When you subscribe to it, Feedburner uses your Email address for sending the updates of TechsTrick.
  • Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus gives you the new activities of us through your social network ID.
  • Commenting to any post, you let us know that you are not a bot and you have a profile at least.
  • By following us on any social network, you are allowing yourself (your internet profile) visible to our site and thus the other visitor may see your existence here.
  • When you contact the Admin by contact us form, then admin gets only the Email address to reply an Email.
     Our recommendation is to read the privacy policies of these third-party services whose are related with TechsTrick.
Google privacy policy:
Feedburner privacy policy:

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