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How to Change folder background in Windows 7/vista/xp[without software]

We like to customize folder and drive’s icon, color, view to give it a unique look. What about changing folder background? Usually we use software to do that. But here we’ll change the folder’s background without any software. To do so firstly we should know, what is the “desktop.ini” and how it works?

How to Setup Google Synchronize for Nokia S40 Contacts

Now-a-days mobile is a very important and carries various important data in it. The most important is the Address Book/Phone Book. Today’s most J2ME mobiles (also called java/midp handset) have synchronize, backup and restore option. Synchronize is the way to backup files in a specific place and restore them as well as merge all data. Google synchronize provides these facilities to all SyncML devices.

Speed-up Internet Connection in Windows 7/vista/xp

When we use Windows 7/vista/xp it doesn't give us full bandwidth speed as it has to maintain OS IDLE MODE. This idle mode is also applicable for processor, RAM, Audio & Video processing units to comfort a user but using or applying  some tricks we can do it very simply.

How to solve Folders Showing as Shortcuts, Hidden in USB/Memory-Card/HDD

By connecting flash drives to the affected computer, often it shows flash drive containing just some folder's shortcuts. Sometimes it shows nothing though drive's properties show it has files in it. Even we get some inaccessible folder or file. This type of problem may also seen in our local drives (HDD partitions). Even paid anti-virus is unable to resolve those folders, they just scan and detect The AUTORUN worm which one will execute all programs. Then our important files remain hidden.