Sync your Nokia S40 Calendar with Google Calendar

Google synchronize allows a device to sync its contacts as well as its calender. On a mobile device the calendar is the second, somewhere it comes first, important thing after the contacts. So it should also be synced, if you don't want to miss any of your appointments, meeting and birthday events. As mentioned earlier, Google is providing the facilities to sync calendar with your mobile device.

So, what about the calendar entries of Nokia S40 devices? Aren't they important to Google? The answer is yes, they are so. But for the limitation of these devices, Google is not able to sync S40's calendar directly. Though you can sync your contacts with Google directly, without an extra application, managing the data transfer settings. So here is no option left for us without using third-party apps. These third-party Java applications use the Google Calendar API to sync S40 calendar like other Smartphones.

Here we are sharing 3 best Java apps for Nokia S40 phones. We rate these apps as best because they worked nice for us while testing them.

GCalSync: It is an open source and freeware app to synchronize the S40's calendar with your Gmail account. Currently they are providing both signed and unsigned version of Java enabled handset. And their apps are also compatible with Motorola, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry J2ME devices. GCalSync's most important feature is the two-way synchronization which will let you keep the new/updated entries, including the old, in both locations (device and Google calendar) at the same time.

GooSync: is a server based synchronize service, or you can call it a client, which will keep your device's calendar entries to its server first. Then the entries will be synced with your Google. It has made the synchronization as simple as possible, providing lots of features and supporting a huge range of Series 40 devices. To get started, you need to open an an account with GooSync. They are offering three types of registrations: Free trial accountLite subscription ($8.99) or Premium service (starts from $19.95). After the registration you will get an java application for your device. GooSync's service is really an enterprise solution for your business and professional events.

GoogaSync mini: This Java app is faster and provide the best security as it use the HTTPS protocol for syncing the calendar. Though GoogaSync has a good support for S40. But they actually focus on newly released Nokia Smartphones. Whatever it is, they have the quality. Their most important feature is Automatic Synchronization with your predefined period. The premium is always the best! Yes, this application costs $4.99. The good news is they are providing 14 days free trial with all features. Remember, you have to browse from a mobile device to install their app. So go and get it now.

From now, hope you will never lost your tasks and wishes! And never think that your S40 device can't synchronize the calendar.

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