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How to Install English Language in Windows 7

Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise user can easily change the language. As Microsoft provides many language interface pack (LIP) in their official website. Some regional laptop/desktop PC manufacturers set their regional language for the better understanding of Windows operating system. But when it exports or is being carried to another country or region, the built-in language comes unknown to others. Will you buy and re-install Windows 7?

Convert PDF to Word Doc/Docx free & offline

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a useful document format for viewing, printing and setting up more security upon it. If you need to get the PDF as a DOC/DOCX file, you should have to use a converter software which will create new document contains all properties of the PDF file. Here we will know the best and easy way to convert a PDF file to Word document. And of course, this is a free and offline (without internet connection) method to do that.

How to Sync Google Contacts with Nokia s60 v5 Mobile

Symbian s60v5 mobile phones are the Nokia series 60, version 5 phones. Whose are normally full screen touch phones of  Nokia, like 5800, N97, N8 etc. Google allows to synchronize contacts of  those Nokia phones by your Gmail account and let the contacts keep more safe. It means all your phone’s contacts will be copied to your Gmail account and vise versa. This post will show you how to sync Nokia s60v5 contacts.

Disable Google Chrome Update in Windows 7/Vista/xp

By the google updater background process all google applications as well as google chrome can update itself. It's not so easy and reliable to disable updates of google without the official method. Google's help site provides google update for enterprise to manage the updates policy. Though staying with the latest update is always a better choice. Sometimes it's become very hard to stop the updates by other ways and unable to get full internet speed as well as loosing the bandwidth.

Easily Lock a Folder in Windows 7/Vista/XP

The Windows operating system (7/Vista/XP) allows you to lock folders but using third party software. A folder locker software mainly protects folders by your given password. Security is always a major fact if you have some personal or important files and want to make them hidden from others. Many file/folder locker software are available to download but here you will get a powerful software which will protect your folders more strongly with its advance features.

Take Ownership & Grant Full Control Permission in Windows 7/Vista

Windows 7 and Vista's file permissions is managed by the Trusted Installer and it is the owner of all Windows system files. So, Windows 7/Vista doesn't allow any user even the Administrator to modify (rename, delete, move) those system files. Sometime for tweaking, you might need to rename, replace or move the system file in Windows operating systems. But it needs to take ownership of a file and grant full control permission before modifying it. Otherwise, a pop-up message will show you Access is denied in Windows.