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Sync your Nokia S40 Calendar with Google Calendar

Google synchronize allows a device to sync its contacts as well as its calender. On a mobile device the calendar is the second, somewhere it comes first, important thing after the contacts. So it should also be synced, if you don't want to miss any of your appointments, meeting and birthday events. As mentioned earlier, Google is providing the facilities to sync calendar with your mobile device.

QR Code Scanners for Windows PC | Best 3

QR code scanner is a kind of reader which can read an QR encoded image and supply the information embedded with it. Now it becomes an usual fact that you get some qr image on your PC or in a web page. Because these types of images are now available all around.

Yes! You can put your smartphone before your PC monitor and can take a scan of a qr image, It's okay. Though you can do that more easily and quickly. By using a scanner software on your PC. Or you may not have any smartphone too. But the fact is that you have to extract or decode that qr codes, which means you need to see the information inside the image.

Get Metro Style UI in ZTE BanglaLion Modem

After the release of Windows Vista, software user interfaces get designed more graphically day by day. All most all the software are now having updated interfaces and they look prettier than before. But most of the 4G or 3G modem manufacturer and internet service provider (ISP) don't release new User Interface, normally, based on the new OS. The ZTE modem (i.e. AX226) of Banglalion WiMax or by the other career is an example of it.