Sync your Nokia S40 Calendar with Google Calendar

Google synchronize allows a device to sync its contacts as well as its calender. On a mobile device the calendar is the second, somewhere it comes first, important thing after the contacts. So it should also be synced, if you don't want to miss any of your appointments, meeting and birthday events. As mentioned earlier, Google is providing the facilities to sync calendar with your mobile device.

QR Code Scanners for Windows PC | Best 3

QR code scanner is a kind of reader which can read an QR encoded image and supply the information embedded with it. Now it becomes an usual fact that you get some qr image on your PC or in a web page. Because these types of images are now available all around.

Yes! You can put your smartphone before your PC monitor and can take a scan of a qr image, It's okay. Though you can do that more easily and quickly. By using a scanner software on your PC. Or you may not have any smartphone too. But the fact is that you have to extract or decode that qr codes, which means you need to see the information inside the image.

Get Metro Style UI in ZTE BanglaLion Modem

After the release of Windows Vista, software user interfaces get designed more graphically day by day. All most all the software are now having updated interfaces and they look prettier than before. But most of the 4G or 3G modem manufacturer and internet service provider (ISP) don't release new User Interface, normally, based on the new OS. The ZTE modem (i.e. AX226) of Banglalion WiMax or by the other career is an example of it.
ZTE Banglalion new UI
New ZTE BanglaLion Metro Style UI

How to Remove Password from BitLocker in Windows 7

The BitLocker in Windows 7 helps you to protect your USB or a hard disk drive by password strongly. It actually encrypts all the data of the a drive. So if you want to remove the password from that drive, encrypted previously, you have to decrypt it using the Bit Locker. This article is written to show you how to decrypt an encrypted drive by BitLoker in Windows 7 without losing any data.

Solve Wikipedia & Unicode Font Problem on Google Chrome Browser

Unicode font enables a user to read and write-in Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali etc. texts on a web page. But sometimes by using such types of font may conflict with the Wikipedia web page's texts. You may face the Wikipedia font size problem on Google Chrome on Windows  7/Vista/xp, if you have setup a Unicode font to see the different texts on different web pages. So Google Chrome's font customization needs the proper customization for the Standard, Serif, Sen-Serif and Fixed width fonts. Here is the screenshot of a  wiki page effected by this issue.

Fix: Audio and Subtitle Out-of-Sync in VLC Media Player

Sometimes in VLC media player, audio and video as well as its subtitle get out of synchronization. That means you may not get the sound output or subtitles when it should be with its own video. Whenever it happens this becomes unbearable and it looks like the sound is coming out after/before the video. Same thing applies to the titles whose are displayed usually on the bottom of the VLC screen according to the movie. Neither the video format is responsible for this error nor the media player, whatever it was mkv, avi, mp4 file or Windows, GOM, KM media player. It is known as the lag issue for these files and codecs. Here, this guide will cover how to correct the synchronization of these files.

Download a number of Google Image Results at a time

To search or just for watching images over the internet, generally we use the Google Image search service. Whenever we try to store some of the images then we have to download the them one by one which is really a time consuming task. And Google doesn't provide such service or tools that would allow you to download Google Image results in bulk as this downloading task could void the privacy policy.

Get Google Chrome Browser Tab and Bookmark Bar in Windows Explorer | Clover

The tab functionality of Google Chrome browser is known for its performances and easy tab switching. This tab feature makes navigation faster and helps to handle the opened windows right from the working one. The Clover by the is such a tool that can make the Windows Explorer like the Google Chrome browser (tab and bookmark features).  It's integrated into the Windows explorer to provide  the functionality of  the Google chrome browser or for the tabbed windows explorer experience. Clover introduces a powerful and easy-to-use Browser Helper Object (BHO) for the Windows Xp/Vista/7/8.

Backup Nokia S60 Contacts in Google & Restore them | Sync manually

Earlier we have discussed about the Sync of Nokia contacts with Google by setting up data transfer profile on s60 v5 devices. But now a days Google or Nokia is showing some errors while synchronizing and synchronize process is not properly done for all contacts. "Connection Error", "Host not responding" or stopping to sync in half way of synchronization is the common error occurred. In this post we will follow a different way to backup Nokia Symbian contacts and import them to Google contacts database.

How to Apply Same Folder View to All Folders in Windows

In Windows, you can choose the behavior of folders how they will look and work to suit your needs. Different user likes different folder views or layout and for this reason Windows has eight different views or layout for folders. The available views are Extra large icon, Large icon, Medium icon,Small icon , Lists , Details, tiles or a Content found in the layout. You can choose one and want to apply it to ll over the directories or sub-directories. If you set the folder view settings manually, It'll be very hard and time wasting task to go each folder and apply the changes. Yes, Windows OS has  option to get the same view to all folders. So user can choose a view and able to apply it to all others folders and sub-folders as well.

Easiest Way to Change Drive Letter in Windows OS

Drive letters are the identifiers of the physical or logical disk drive or partitions. When you open the explorer or My Computer there is a letter (Ex: C:; D:; or E: etc.) in braces after the drive name. Formally the letter is known as the disk drive letter. Without this letter users are not able to see or use the drive. Though you can hide a drive or partition by this trick. Beside splinting a drive and combining drives by Disk Management tool of Windows 8/7/Vista can also change the drive letter.

How to Combine Drives/Partitions/Volumes in Windows | Without Third-party Software

When a hard disk drive needs an extra space to increase its size then it should be extended. The words Combine partitions means to extend a drive. This action will merge partitions and thus it will create a single drive. Windows 8/7/Vista has its built-in Disk management utility to resize partition safely and properly.  So you don't need to download any paid or free software to do this task.

Split a Drive into 2 or More Partitions in Windows [without software]

Splitting a hard disk drive into two or more partitions refers to slice/divide/partition a particular drive into multiple logical drives. Usually manufacturer of a laptop or desktop computer gives one partition and it's the system drive C: where you have to keep your all documents, pictures, music and other files. It often creates problems to manage all types of data in a same partition. Moreover, there is a risk to keep the important files in a partition which is the system drive.

How to Shut Down Windows 8 Completely

Shutting down a desktop, laptop, notebook or tablet running Windows OS means to log off and turn off the computer system where no processes or services will be running. There shouldn't be any power that can be used with any hardware after a complete shutdown.

Best 5 Free Software Updater for Windows

Software developers often release updates to fix different bugs. Updating a software is an important thing to get the new features, security enhancement and for the new UI. So, every software that is used daily and deals with sensitive information should be up to date. In Windows operating system there is no built-in update checker to find out the latest version of a software. You have to use a third-party application which will monitor the latest releases of existing apps. That update finder will scan your installed programs and create a list including the new updates are available to download. All you need to do just download and install them.

Reset Google Chrome Settings in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

chrome settings
Google Chrome Settings
Tweaking in Google Chrome, basically for speed up the Google Chrome browser, lots of changes are made. However, over modifications in Google Chrome settings, the browser goes far away from its original looks and natures. In its previous versions there were an option to restore default browser settings. That action took the browser to its original settings. In 2012 Google release many versions of the Chrome browser and add/remove different options. Now, in the latest versions, the "Reset Settings" option is no longer available. But there is another way to get default browser settings.

How to Hide or Unhide Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7/Vista/xp

Hiding a partition or volume from my computer or explorer is preventing that partition from displaying, but it doesn't mean erasing any data or deleting the volume. Windows OS Disk management system allows hiding drives except the System drive where the OS is installed and the System reserved volume. So, anyone who has administrative privilege or the administrator of the Windows machine can do this task. And the basic trick is, without any drive letter (Ex: C:, D:, E: etc.) Windows OS doesn't recognize any drive or partition and here we are going to remove that letter temporally.

Keyboard Not Working & How to Log In in Windows 7

Normally the keyboard means the important hardware which has many keys and every key contains different letter, number or symbols. It is used to type anything in an OS. But when the keyboard does not work properly or you don't have the one, then how do you type Windows log in password, if your account is password protected. So, will you bypass the Windows security?

Speed up Google Chrome:Hidden Tips

Image Source
Recently, in 2012, Google Chrome has become the most popular browser for its flexibility, stability and simplicity. There is no doubt that it is faster and an advanced browser with advanced features designed for all. Though sometimes it becomes slower comparing your requirements, PC hardware and imagination. For these reasons Google chrome will let you modify and make the browser more suitable in your working environment.

How to Install English Language in Windows 7

Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise user can easily change the language. As Microsoft provides many language interface pack (LIP) in their official website. Some regional laptop/desktop PC manufacturers set their regional language for the better understanding of Windows operating system. But when it exports or is being carried to another country or region, the built-in language comes unknown to others. Will you buy and re-install Windows 7?

Convert PDF to Word Doc/Docx free & offline

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a useful document format for viewing, printing and setting up more security upon it. If you need to get the PDF as a DOC/DOCX file, you should have to use a converter software which will create new document contains all properties of the PDF file. Here we will know the best and easy way to convert a PDF file to Word document. And of course, this is a free and offline (without internet connection) method to do that.

How to Sync Google Contacts with Nokia s60 v5 Mobile

Synchronizing s60v5 contactsSymbian s60v5 mobile phones are the Nokia series 60, version 5 phones. Whose are normally full screen touch phones of  Nokia, like 5800, N97, N8 etc. Google allows to synchronize contacts of  those Nokia phones by your Gmail account and let the contacts keep more safe. It means all your phone’s contacts will be copied to your Gmail account and vise versa. This post will show you how to sync Nokia s60v5 contacts.

Disable Google Chrome Update in Windows 7/Vista/xp

Google Chrome (Image Source)
By the google updater background process all google applications as well as google chrome can update itself. It's not so easy and reliable to disable updates of google without the official method. Google's help site provides google update for enterprise to manage the updates policy. Though staying with the latest update is always a better choice. Sometimes it's become very hard to stop the updates by other ways and unable to get full internet speed as well as loosing the bandwidth.

Easily Lock a Folder in Windows 7/Vista/XP

The Windows operating system (7/Vista/XP) allows you to lock folders but using third party software. A folder locker software mainly protects folders by your given password. Security is always a major fact if you have some personal or important files and want to make them hidden from others. Many file/folder locker software are available to download but here you will get a powerful software which will protect your folders more strongly with its advance features.

Take Ownership & Grant Full Control Permission in Windows 7/Vista

Folder access denied 
Windows 7 and Vista's file permissions is managed by the Trusted Installer and it is the owner of all Windows system files. So, Windows 7/Vista doesn't allow any user even the Administrator to modify (rename, delete, move) those system files. Sometime for tweaking, you might need to rename, replace or move the system file in Windows operating systems. But it needs to take ownership of a file and grant full control permission before modifying it. Otherwise, a pop-up message will show you Access is denied in Windows.

How to Password Protect USB Drive in windows 7

Windows 7 | BitLocker
It is very important to keep your USB drive or external hard drive safe if you have lots of valuable data in it. To protect your data from others you should have to set up a password for the flash drive. Windows 7 lets you protect or lock your hard disk and removal drives by its Bit-locker feature.

3 Ways to Enable Administrator Account in Windows 7

The administrator account is a hidden, disabled and built-in account with Windows 7/Vista/xp. But a user can enable this account for some special actions. Such as troubleshooting, installing harmful software or some special networking tasks. By default, most of the user accounts are a part/member of the Administrator account. Others are standard accounts without being any part of an administrator account.

How to add image or picture to mp3 files

Adding a new image or changing the existing mp3 album image is really a fun! But many of our friends don’t know how doing that simple task. So here you will know how to add an image to mp3 files and show that image when you play the mp3 song by any media player.

Change folder or drive background and icon in windows 7

We’re going to show some customizer tools for Windows Explorer. These tools will customize the look of your folders or drives. You will able to add a background image or change the icons of both drives and folders by some clicks. This software is tested and won’t do any damage to your System. Actually these tools will create .ini and .inf file which is hidden and system file.

Customize USB flash drive [Icon, background & label]

Tweaking own USB flash drives in Windows 7/vista/xp by assigning icon, its background and it’s label/name is really a simple trick. Though USB customizer tools are available to download and using those tools one can customize own USB. It is discussed  here. But if we got the tricks to customize our own gadgets then no software or other tools won’t be required.