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How to Remove Password from BitLocker in Windows 7

The BitLocker in Windows 7 helps you to protect your USB or a hard disk drive by password strongly. It actually encrypts all the data of the a drive. So if you want to remove the password from that drive, encrypted previously, you have to decrypt it using the Bit Locker. This article is written to show you how to decrypt an encrypted drive by BitLoker in Windows 7 without losing any data.

Solve Wikipedia & Unicode Font Problem on Google Chrome Browser

Unicode font enables a user to read and write-in Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali etc. texts on a web page. But sometimes by using such types of font may conflict with the Wikipedia web page's texts. You may face the Wikipedia font size problem on Google Chrome on Windows  7/Vista/xp, if you have setup a Unicode font to see the different texts on different web pages. So Google Chrome's font customization needs the proper customization for the Standard, Serif, Sen-Serif and Fixed width fonts. Here is the screenshot of a  wiki page effected by this issue.

Fix: Audio and Subtitle Out-of-Sync in VLC Media Player

Sometimes in VLC media player, audio and video as well as its subtitle get out of synchronization. That means you may not get the sound output or subtitles when it should be with its own video. Whenever it happens this becomes unbearable and it looks like the sound is coming out after/before the video. Same thing applies to the titles whose are displayed usually on the bottom of the VLC screen according to the movie. Neither the video format is responsible for this error nor the media player, whatever it was mkv, avi, mp4 file or Windows, GOM, KM media player. It is known as the lag issue for these files and codecs. Here, this guide will cover how to correct the synchronization of these files.