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How to Apply Same Folder View to All Folders in Windows

In Windows, you can choose the behavior of folders how they will look and work to suit your needs. Different user likes different folder views or layout and for this reason Windows has eight different views or layout for folders. The available views are Extra large icon, Large icon, Medium icon,Small icon , Lists , Details, tiles or a Content found in the layout. You can choose one and want to apply it to ll over the directories or sub-directories. If you set the folder view settings manually, It'll be very hard and time wasting task to go each folder and apply the changes. Yes, Windows OS has  option to get the same view to all folders. So user can choose a view and able to apply it to all others folders and sub-folders as well.

Easiest Way to Change Drive Letter in Windows OS

Drive letters are the identifiers of the physical or logical disk drive or partitions. When you open the explorer or My Computer there is a letter (Ex: C:; D:; or E: etc.) in braces after the drive name. Formally the letter is known as the disk drive letter. Without this letter users are not able to see or use the drive. Though you can hide a drive or partition by this trick. Beside splinting a drive and combining drives by Disk Management tool of Windows 8/7/Vista can also change the drive letter.

How to Combine Drives/Partitions/Volumes in Windows | Without Third-party Software

When a hard disk drive needs an extra space to increase its size then it should be extended. The words Combine partitions means to extend a drive. This action will merge partitions and thus it will create a single drive. Windows 8/7/Vista has its built-in Disk management utility to resize partition safely and properly.  So you don't need to download any paid or free software to do this task.

Split a Drive into 2 or More Partitions in Windows [without software]

Splitting a hard disk drive into two or more partitions refers to slice/divide/partition a particular drive into multiple logical drives. Usually manufacturer of a laptop or desktop computer gives one partition and it's the system drive C: where you have to keep your all documents, pictures, music and other files. It often creates problems to manage all types of data in a same partition. Moreover, there is a risk to keep the important files in a partition which is the system drive.

How to Shut Down Windows 8 Completely

Shutting down a desktop, laptop, notebook or tablet running Windows OS means to log off and turn off the computer system where no processes or services will be running. There shouldn't be any power that can be used with any hardware after a complete shutdown.

Best 5 Free Software Updater for Windows

Software developers often release updates to fix different bugs. Updating a software is an important thing to get the new features, security enhancement and for the new UI. So, every software that is used daily and deals with sensitive information should be up to date. In Windows operating system there is no built-in update checker to find out the latest version of a software. You have to use a third-party application which will monitor the latest releases of existing apps. That update finder will scan your installed programs and create a list including the new updates are available to download. All you need to do just download and install them.