Reset Google Chrome Settings in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

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Google Chrome Settings
Tweaking in Google Chrome, basically for speed up the Google Chrome browser, lots of changes are made. However, over modifications in Google Chrome settings, the browser goes far away from its original looks and natures. In its previous versions there were an option to restore default browser settings. That action took the browser to its original settings. In 2012 Google release many versions of the Chrome browser and add/remove different options. Now, in the latest versions, the "Reset Settings" option is no longer available. But there is another way to get default browser settings.


How to Hide or Unhide Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7/Vista/xp

Hiding a partition or volume from my computer or explorer is preventing that partition from displaying, but it doesn't mean erasing any data or deleting the volume. Windows OS Disk management system allows hiding drives except the System drive where the OS is installed and the System reserved volume. So, anyone who has administrative privilege or the administrator of the Windows machine can do this task. And the basic trick is, without any drive letter (Ex: C:, D:, E: etc.) Windows OS doesn't recognize any drive or partition and here we are going to remove that letter temporally.


Keyboard Not Working & How to Log In in Windows 7

Normally the keyboard means the important hardware which has many keys and every key contains different letter, number or symbols. It is used to type anything in an OS. But when the keyboard does not work properly or you don't have the one, then how do you type Windows log in password, if your account is password protected. So, will you bypass the Windows security?


Speed up Google Chrome:Hidden Tips

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Recently, in 2012, Google Chrome has become the most popular browser for its flexibility, stability and simplicity. There is no doubt that it is faster and an advanced browser with advanced features designed for all. Though sometimes it becomes slower comparing your requirements, PC hardware and imagination. For these reasons Google chrome will let you modify and make the browser more suitable in your working environment.

Sync your Nokia S40 Calendar with Google Calendar

Google synchronize allows a device to sync its contacts as well as its  calender . On a mobile device the calendar is the second, somewhere...