How to Setup Google Synchronize for Nokia S40 Contacts

Now-a-days mobile is a very important and carries various important data in it. The most important is the Address Book/Phone Book. Today’s most J2ME mobiles (also called java/midp handset) have synchronize, backup and restore option. Synchronize is the way to backup files in a specific place and restore them as well as merge all data. Google synchronize provides these facilities to all SyncML devices.
Normally smart phones like Nokia s60 series, iPhone or android has the facilities to create a profile for synchronizing contacts. Besides this the featured smart phones by the Google sync is easy to set up synchronize profile for your contacts. But if you are using a J2ME mobile of Nokia s40, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung or other then it’s quite difficult to find out the processes to to create a synchronization profile. Following tutorial will show how to backup contacts in Gmail for Nokia J2ME mobile.

Part 1: Setup a synchronization profile.

  1. First confirm If your device is SyncML compatible and has some function like synchronize and backup or synchronize in Settings.
    Sync and backup
  2. Go to configuration settings under settings and should get personal configuration settings to add a new profile.personal config. sett.
  3. Now select the Application type as Synchronization to add a profile. add sync profile
  4. Here is the trick! Pick up those settings as your mobile needs from following settings to complete a synchronization profile.
    • Account Name: Google Sync
    • Server Address:
    • Server Database Name: contacts
    • Access Point: select your default access point
    • Port: 443
    • Authentication Type: Normal
    • Username: Gmail username
    • Password: Gmail account passwordsettings for sync
  5. Complete the profile hitting Back or Done and a new profile will appear under Personal Accounts.

Part 2: Starting the Synchronization.

  1. If your device has SyncML then you have finished to create a synchronization profile by going through “Part 1”.
  2. Now come to sync and backup which is available in the Settings. sync & backup s40
  3. Go to Sync and Backup> Data transfer> Server sync.server sync
  4. Edit the server sync to
    • Synchronized data: contacts
    • Sync settings: Personal configuration
    • Automatic sync: “user defined” on/off
    • Synchronization rules: “user defined” server sync settings
  5. Pressing Back or Done the Server sync will be completed.
  6. By hitting on Server sync the synchronize process will start.start sync
If all the settings are correct then contacts will synchronize within  a minute depending on your internet speed and size of the contacts. The process of this synchronization is same on Nokia 2700, 3110, 6300, 5132, x6 etc. handset. It may differ on some other Nokia s40 SyncML devices but here you are free to ask any problem.

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