Get Metro Style UI in ZTE BanglaLion Modem

After the release of Windows Vista, software user interfaces get designed more graphically day by day. All most all the software are now having updated interfaces and they look prettier than before. But most of the 4G or 3G modem manufacturer and internet service provider (ISP) don't release new User Interface, normally, based on the new OS. The ZTE modem (i.e. AX226) of Banglalion WiMax or by the other career is an example of it.
ZTE Banglalion new UI
New ZTE BanglaLion Metro Style UI

Though it's very easy to update the main UI without dealing with pre-loaded software inside the modem. And we are pleased to announce the software called ZTE UI Changer-Metro Style which will change the default looks of modem interface. Its interface is inspired by windows 8 metro style and its icon credits goes to Icon Archive .

Important Notices before Installation:

ZTE UI Changer-Metro Style is built and released by the TechsTrick and didn't get any damage issues while testing. This software changes the images and icons whose are previously stored while installing modem drivers/software in a specified directory. Keep in mind that the previously installed UI will be replaced and it doesn't leave any Uninstaller or Restoration files. If you want to get back the default UI then you have to re-install the modem software.

How to install:

     1. First download the software. Below is the download link.

     2. Right click on the ZTE UI Changer and choose Run as Administrator. Or, you can enable your administrator account in Windows 8/7 to run it.
     3. Accept the notification and License Agreement by hitting Yes.
     4. Then all required files will extract within a second.
     5. Now close (Exit) the running window of the modem and then run it again.
    That's all. You got the new look of your ZTE BanglaLion modem.

    Hope you are enjoying the new interface. So share it with your friends and  leave your feedback in our comment section to improve it.

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