How to Sync Google Contacts with Nokia s60 v5 Mobile

Synchronizing s60v5 contactsSymbian s60v5 mobile phones are the Nokia series 60, version 5 phones. Whose are normally full screen touch phones of  Nokia, like 5800, N97, N8 etc. Google allows to synchronize contacts of  those Nokia phones by your Gmail account and let the contacts keep more safe. It means all your phone’s contacts will be copied to your Gmail account and vise versa. This post will show you how to sync Nokia s60v5 contacts.

Steps to synchronize Nokia s60v5 contacts with Gmail sync:

1. From your Nokia s60v5 phone, go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Sync.

Sync option in s60v5
S60v5 Sync option

2. Open the Sync and go to Option to create a New sync profile.
3. Set the Profile name as Google sync or other name as you like.
4. Select the Server version 1.1 and continue to the next step.
5. This will ask for the Applications in sync and select/mark only the Contacts.

Mark contacts to sync
Mark contacts

6. The Contacts database  is contacts and select the Data bearer as Internet.

Google contacts database name
Contacts database & data bearer

7. Then the Host address for Google sync server is

Host address
Host address

8. Here you have to give your valid Gmail user name/ID and password.
9. Your new profile for Google sync is created and you can instantly sync by choosing Sync now.

Sync Complete

If you want to sync contacts manually, just go to Sync option and select the Synchronize to sync your all phone’s contacts.

If it helps you, share it. Are you facing any trouble? Just comment below. Because we know how  valuable our phone contacts are.

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