Change folder or drive background and icon in windows 7

We’re going to show some customizer tools for Windows Explorer. These tools will customize the look of your folders or drives. You will able to add a background image or change the icons of both drives and folders by some clicks. This software is tested and won’t do any damage to your System. Actually these tools will create .ini and .inf file which is hidden and system file.

Do you want to make those files and do the job by yourself? You might be interested in how to change folder background and USB icon, folder without software. If you are suffering from system and hidden files in your USB, go here: “How to solve Folders showing as shortcuts, hidden in flash drive and local drive” to solve that.
Follow these information below Change folder/drive’s background and icon.

Folder Background Changer for Windows 7
Among some of folder and drivers background customizer tools on Windows 7, I’ve found the Windows 7 Folder Background Changer as the most suitable software for changing the background.
Download Windows 7 Folder Background Changer by Windows Club and run it. It’s a portable and freeware software.
windows 7 folder background changer

  1. Browse and select the desired folder/drive, you want to add a background image.
  2. By clicking Change Background Image you will be able to choose an image for background.
  3. If the image is not ok then click on Remove Background Image.
  4. Mark the Show Shadow Under Text, if you want a shadow effect under the text.
  5. Apply To Sub Folder” will apply the selected image to all sub-directories/folders along with selected drive/folder.
  6. Background Image:” box will give you a current preview of the specified drive/folder.
  7. If you want to uninstall the background image just select the folder and press the Uninstall.
* It is recommended that use the Text Color carefully. Otherwise folders will be shown without any name/label.

Drive Icon Changer for Windows 7
I found the Drive Icon Changer as the simplest portable software for changing the drive icon and it just needs .ico file. It’s simple looks will really impress.First download the Drive Icon Changer [freeware] and run it.
Drive Icon Changer

Select the drive from the drop down menu. Click on Install and select icon. Refresh the windows explorer or reboot your system and drive icon will be changed. You can also restore your default icon by selecting the drive and clicking on the Uninstall.

There is another tool called SevenDriveIconChanger. It is similar to the Drive Icon Changer (it’s interface and activities).

Download the SevenDriveIconChanger [freeware] and just run it as it’s a portable software. You just need to select your drive from the right drop down menu and then click on the Change Icon! Refresh the windows explorer or reboot your system and drive icon will be changed Reset Icon button will reset the icon to default.

Important: Make sure that you run the application in administrator mode or else these above software might not be able to change background or drive’s icon.

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