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The tab functionality of Google Chrome browser is known for its performances and easy tab switching. This tab feature makes navigation faster and helps to handle the opened windows right from the working one. The Clover by the is such a tool that can make the Windows Explorer like the Google Chrome browser (tab and bookmark features).  It's integrated into the Windows explorer to provide  the functionality of  the Google chrome browser or for the tabbed windows explorer experience. Clover introduces a powerful and easy-to-use Browser Helper Object (BHO) for the Windows Xp/Vista/7/8.

You can go to the Clover's developer site or hit on the direct download link of clover. And it's important to know that Clover doesn't replace or modify the Windows Explorer.exe, it just works with/beside the Windows explorer.

windows explorer with tab and bookmark
Tab and Bookmark in Windows Explorer

Like Google chrome browser's tab, where you can open a new tab with a single click, Clover also opens tab or window inside an explorer.

This Clover plugin also able to perform on the shortcuts from the keyboard. The shortcuts are same as the Google Chrome's shortcuts. The common shortcuts are

  • To open the page Ctrl + T
  • To close the page Ctrl + W
  • To switch pages Ctrl + Tab
and so on.

Right clicking on any tab, the context menu will show some options whose are almost the same as Chrome browser tab's context menu. To the Clover tab's functionality they've added
clover tab context menu
Context menu options of a tab

    • Reopen closed tab
    • Close tabs to the right
    • Close other tabs
    • Bookmark all tabs
    • Duplicate
    • Close tab
    • New tab

        Clover can also bookmark any address for accessing most used/accessed locations. To bookmark any tab, which contains an address of a location, first unhide the bookmark bar by clicking on the wrench button and going to Bookmark, then mark on the Show Bookmark Bar.
        settings of the bookmark bar to show
        Show Bookmark Bar

        The Bookmark Bar will appear under the tab. Now whenever it needs to bookmark, just drag and drop the file or folder to the Bookmark Bar.
        Adding a folder to bookmarkbar
        Bookmark a folder

        Hope this Chrome tabbed plugin would help you and make you more professional. If you think there are other tools which are better than Clover windows explorer, share it with us through comments.

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