Backup Nokia S60 Contacts in Google & Restore them | Sync manually

Earlier we have discussed about the Sync of Nokia contacts with Google by setting up data transfer profile on s60 v5 devices. But now a days Google or Nokia is showing some errors while synchronizing and synchronize process is not properly done for all contacts. "Connection Error", "Host not responding" or stopping to sync in half way of synchronization is the common error occurred. In this post we will follow a different way to backup Nokia Symbian contacts and import them to Google contacts database.

Keep it in mind that this procedure shows a easy way to back up Nokia s60 contacts in Google account and the restoration them on Symbian device, which is similar to the "sync Nokia Symbian contacts with Google".

Firstly all contacts of the address book should be backed up in a VCF formatted file. Because Google Contacts is able to import and export the VCF file. VCF is the commonly-used file-name extension for vCards. In a VCF file there may be a lots of vCards. Know more about vCard.

There are lots of ways to convert the Nokia's address book contacts into VCF format or Outlook formatted file. But most of the time those processes didn't help out and after importing that contacts, Google can't present them properly or unable to import them to Contacts.
Here we'll use the NetQin Mobile Guard to back up all contacts and create a VCF or vCard file. It does back up all your contacts such a suitable way that Google Contacts understands. Download the NetQin Mobile Guard according to your hand set and install it.

netqin mobile guard
NetQin Mobile Guard in Nokia s60 v5

Now open the Netqin Mobile Guard and take a back up of the contacts to the Memory card. It will be saved as netqin_contact.vcf (E:\netqin_contact.vcf).
contacts backup procedures
Backup procedures in NetQin MG

Sign in to your Google account and navigate to contacts from the top-left drop down menu.
contacts from the top-left
Google Contacts

There first select the My Contacts group from the left and click on More, select the import Contacts from the drop down options. If you have some contacts in My Contacts group then newly imported contacts will be added there.
Import from More

Now choose the VCF file and import it. it may take a while depending your internet speed.
Import contacts 

When you need to restore the contacts, just download the contacts by clicking on Export contacts from More and after choosing the group, select the vCard format which will create a VCF file.

Export from More

Export contacts

A VCF file will be downloaded and then transfer it to the Memory card. Rename it to "netqin_contact.vcf".

Open the NetQin MG and go to Backup, Backup/restore and select restore from SD card. You will be promoted for restore the contacts and restore it to your phone. Remember, restoration erases/replaces the previous contacts of the Mobile address book.
Contacts restore from SD card
Contacts restore in mobile

That's it! I highly recommend you to follow this article if and only if you are getting error on synchronizing the  contacts with Google and unable to synchronize the contacts. And if you have some other idea or suggestion  on syncing contacts, let me know through comments.

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