Keyboard Not Working & How to Log In in Windows 7

Normally the keyboard means the important hardware which has many keys and every key contains different letter, number or symbols. It is used to type anything in an OS. But when the keyboard does not work properly or you don't have the one, then how do you type Windows log in password, if your account is password protected. So, will you bypass the Windows security?

It's just a waste of your time. Because of  the Windows 7 Ease Access, designed to help the users and make them more comfortable with the OS. On-Screen Keyboard is a part of the Ease Access and it's a virtual keyboard that works on screen and let you type by the mouse.
It is really a easy task in windows 7 to use the On-Screen Keyboard in Log in screen. Because there is an Ease Access at the bottom left and On-Screen Keyboard is a member of Ease Access.

Ease Access in Log in screen
Ease Access in Log in screen

     Click on the ease Access and all Ease Access options will be displayed. From there select the On Screen Keyboard.
On Screen keyboard option
On Screen keyboard option

     A virtual keyboard will come out and let you type. Just select the field where you want to type something and then type by clicking with the mouse.
type password
Type the password

     Thus you can able to type the password easily in the account password box/field. But keep in mind that at least the mouse is needed to do so. 

Recommends: Repair your keyboard, if it is possible. Or, buy a new keyboard as all/professional tasks became harder by the On-Screen keyboard.

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  1. I have not explored it yet but this very good to know that there is way to work around it.


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