Easily Lock a Folder in Windows 7/Vista/XP

The Windows operating system (7/Vista/XP) allows you to lock folders but using third party software. A folder locker software mainly protects folders by your given password. Security is always a major fact if you have some personal or important files and want to make them hidden from others. Many file/folder locker software are available to download but here you will get a powerful software which will protect your folders more strongly with its advance features.

So lets know about a powerful folder locker software Folder Protector, provided by kakasoft.

Folder Protector

Most Important Features:

  1. Folder Protector lock any folder in 1 second or less.
  2. The password protected folder/content is undetectable.
  3. It can protect removal (USB, memory card, external HDD) folder.
  4. Windows search is unable to find out the protected folder/content.
  5. You can unlock the folder/content in three ways: Virtually, Temporally or completely.
  6. It's a handy tool, easy to use and manage.

How to lock a folder:

First you need to download the Folder Protector. (Seems kakasoft.com is unable to give the download).
Just keep the Folder Protector to the targeted folder, whose contents will be locked.

Place the software to target location

Give your password two times and OK.
It's done! 

When unlocking type the password key and "Unprotect". Here you can also choose a method of unlocking the folder.

Unlock the folder

You can also select Protect Another to lock another directory.

Protect another folder

That's it. Now you can easily password protect or un-protect a folder. And your privacy is full-filled!

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