Easiest Way to Change Drive Letter in Windows OS

Drive letters are the identifiers of the physical or logical disk drive or partitions. When you open the explorer or My Computer there is a letter (Ex: C:; D:; or E: etc.) in braces after the drive name. Formally the letter is known as the disk drive letter. Without this letter users are not able to see or use the drive. Though you can hide a drive or partition by this trick. Beside splinting a drive and combining drives by Disk Management tool of Windows 8/7/Vista can also change the drive letter.

Important: Keep it in mind that the system drive where is the Windows OS installed (commonly the C: dive) won't be changed. The software installed on the drive will stop working. No data will be lost or damage by this action.

This tutorial will show you the easiest way to do that but without downloading a paid software.

How to Change Drive Letter:
     1. First open the Disk management from Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools and Computer Management and select the Disk Management under the storage. Or get it by right-clicking on Computer, select Mange and expanding Storage from the right pane.
Windows Disk Management
Windows Disk Management

     2. Then right-click on the drive or partition and select Change Drive Letters and Paths. Then select the Change.
Change Drive Letters and Paths
Change Drive Letters and Paths

change drive letter
Select Change the drive letter
     3. Choose a drive letter from the drop-down menu located on the right. Assign a letter for the selected drive.
Assign a letter for the Drive
Select a letter for the Drive

     4. A window will pop-up for confirmation and click on Yes to confirm your action on changing the drive letter.

warning msg
The pop-up window

Close all the windows and open explorer. Wow! The drive letter is changed.

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